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Betrayal of the military essays rder scene. Brenner spots a bag on a near distant rooftop. In the bag they find the clothes of a soldier and his identification chain. Brenner meets up with Moore again. Brenner co production:partnering with your customers Essay Moore of being involved in the murder some way or another. Moore responds, “Are you going to read me my rights” Whereas, Brenner replies “your in the army you have no rights to an attorney, you have no rights to remain silent, and if you don’t cooperate I will put you in jail”(1). After hearing this Moore decides that he will talk. He mentions that Wes Yardly is involved sexually with Elizabeth. When Brenner gets back to his office, he finds out that they have discovered Moore’s fingerprints all over Elizabeth’s body. Brenner than proceeds to Moores house where he barges in without knocking or giving any sign that he was coming in. Buy essay online cheap styro glue than presents Brenner with his lawyer, Captain Goodsen. At this point Brenner is fed up and arrests Moore for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, plus article 134 Disorder to Neglect, Accessory After the .

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