Reform of electoral college essay 2145 words

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Tragedy of fate? essays Tragedy of Inaction? Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a tragedy based upon the procrastination of the main character. Hamlet’s hesitance to perform the morbid deed of killing his stepfather/uncle is caused by his good nature and honesty. This immoral act exemplifies everything evil and corrupt, all of which Hamlet is ignorant of and against. Hamlet is a “tragedy of inaction” because of his protagonistic approach on seeking revenge against Claudius. The first example of Hamlet’s procrastination can be seen in Act I scene v. In this scene the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears and relates the story of his murder. He demands his son to revenge his death by killing his uncle. “Revenge (my) foul and most unnatural murder”(I.v.25). Upon hearing this the virtuous boy is immediately overtaken with anger and swears to uphold his father’s wish. Hamlet’s flaw of integrity causes him to tell his friends what the ghost spoke of and to force their devotion on not uttering a Dissertation conclusion help writing of what they know. “Swear by my sword/Never to speak of this that you have heard”(I.v.153-154). Hamlet’s insistence on the reiteration of the promise, portrays can i write a cheque in euros own doubt of the morality of the situation into which he has sworn himself. As the play continues, Hamlet’s procrastination grows. To Hamlet, the reality of his delay is shadowed by his belief that eventually his task will be completed. After setting up a play Reform of electoral college essay 2145 words mirrors the real-life tragedy of his father, Hamlet is volitional upon following through with the deed. He is examples of self employed resume by the intrusion of his mother’s calling, whom he runs to without a second thought. “Then I will come to my mother by and by”(III.ii.391). The fact that Hamlet allows himself to be so easily withdrawn from the situation portrays the procastinator re-emerging. The turning point of the play occurs in Act III scene iii. Claudius admits his guilt and involvement in the murder while praying. Upon Hamlet’s en.

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