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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 8:24:42 AM

To vote or not to vote essays To Vote or Not To Vote As November include appendices essay approaches I think it is important to take a closer look at our rights as Americans to vote. Although we have the right to vote, should we if we know nothing about who is running or what propositions are trying to be passed? According to Rob Moller’s article, “Why You Should Vote,” his viewpoint is that we all have a responsibility to our country to vote. However author Russell Bell would disagree with this statement. In his article “Why Fewer People Voting can make our Elections more Democratic,” Bell writes why everyone should not run out and vote. Either viewpoint you take will though have an effect on all of us in society in one way or another. In is fascinating to me that our decision to vote or not to vote could indeed change the future. What natasha hanson dalhousie university be at stake? What kinds of consequences might we have to face in the future? I think these are all important things to think about when deciding include appendices essay vote or not to vote. According to Moller young people need to start voicing their options; it is their responsibility. It is by voicing their fears and dreams of the future that change can happen. Also voicing our options to the leaders of this country will force them to look in new directions, and at the long term effects of the issues at hand, instead of making them a mess for the next generation to clear up. For example social security, Moller says “I do not want to be worrying about my social security twenty years from now because I didn’t voice my concern when I was younger.” Moller mentions that “Whether we want to or not. The future is ours to shape biotechnology related to photosynthesis control and the future starts now.” It is strongest tool we have to influence the government. It is pointed out that the politicians listen to the majority. They want to appease the people who will elect them. So this way they make decisions based on what the people tell them. While reading the article I learned that po.

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