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Killings essays “How Annandale Went Out,” by Case Study 1 Florida Department Of Management Services Arlington Robinson, and “My Last Duchess,” by Robert Browning, are poems about killings. The killings in each poem, however, are completely different. Robinson’s poem is about euthanasia, while Browning’s is about a murder. Both argumentative essay how to write Wilbraham and Monson Academy are dramatic monologues, and appear to be very different; however, both authors use the monologues to get their messages across. How Annandale Went Out” is about a patient, Annandale, in a hospital who has just been in a terrible accident. The Speaker in this poem is the doctor, and is a friend of Annandale. An apparatus not for me to mend -- A wreck, with hell between him and the end, Remained of Annandale; and I was there. (Robinson 152) The doctor describes Annandale this way, as a suffering man with no way of returning to normality, and he was there watching him unable to help. The doctor later says: Now view yourself as I was, on the spot --“ With a slight kind of engine. Do you see? Like this … (Robinson 152) The doctor is asking the audience, whom I believe is a judge, to put himself in his place. He demonstrates how he was able to use the engine, which is a hypodermic needle, to put an end to his friend’s misery. He wants the judge to see what he was going through, and then asks, “You wouldn’t hang me?” -2- (Robinson 152). Although the reader does not here the judge’s response, the reader is led to believe that the judge argumentative essay how to write Wilbraham and Monson Academy he would not hang him because the doctor’s last line is, “I thought not” (Robinson 152). The doctor’s words are sincere, and he shows that he killed Annandale in Annandale’s best interest, and he is trying to say that surely no one can be blamed for doing what he did. In “My Last Duchess,” the speaker is the Duke of Ferrara, and he is entertaining an emissary, who is negotiating the Duke’s marriage to the daughter of another family. As the Duke escorts the visitor th.

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