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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 5:01:44 PM

The american dream and sport: a researched position paper co essays viduals who belong to certain racial groups lack the physical traits that are necessary to compete in the dominant American sports such as baseball, basketball and football. Robert Sands illustrates this point by using the study of anthropology to discuss the difference among cultures and their role in sports (1-2). The relation is made when one considers a culture such as the Japanese, who are one of the most disciplined, pay to write finance research proposal achieving cultures in the world. Though these traits are highly emphasized in America, it is pay to write finance research proposal to find an individual of Japanese descent who competes in a dominant American sport. This case is supported by the notion that the Japanese lack traits such as the size, power and strength that are necessary for participation in all prominent American sports. In the same matter, it is the cultural traits that enable the Japanese to succeed in other sports such as gymnastics, ice skating and karate. Sands refers to studies that use scientific information to prove the differences among cultures regarding physical trait.

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