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Abused wives essays At times reasonable force included death, and has typically included beatings, and deprivation of food a-g uc requirements other format of debate essay. (Straus, Gelles, Steinmetz, pg. 9-11) Wife abuse to an extent was the right of a husband. (Okun, pg.2) The laws of chastisement date back to 753 B.C. This law, also referred to as the "switch-thumb law", allowed husbands to beat their wives with a rod or stick as long as its circumference was no larger that a man's thumb. The rational for this law was that a wife was a man's possession, (like a cow), and he was responsible for her behavior. Therefore, he had the right to punish and discipline her. (Okun, pg. 2) The Christian Church also played a role in wife abuse. In the Rules of Marriage, by Friar Cherubino of Siena, it states: When you see your wife commit an offense…Scold her sharply, bully and terrify her. And if this still does not work&#8230.take up a stick and beat her soundly, for it is better to punish the body and correct the soul. (Okun, pg.3) This privilege of "correcting" one's spouse was given only to men. (Okun, pg.3) The right of a man to kill his wife existed until the 1600's in Russia and even until the 1900's in some localities. In England, husbands escaped punishment for murdering their wives until the 1800's. Wives had no right to refuse to have advertising papers in u k with their husbands. In fact there was no such concept as "marital rape" until the 1970's. (Okun, pg.3-5) In the 1880's, England enacted several laws in order to protect women. One law established life-threatening beatings as a ground for book report of burke reflection on the reflection on france. Another law prohibited men from keeping their wives under lock and key. Yet another law .

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