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Chicago cubs essays Chicago Cubs History The Chicago Cub’s are arguably one of the most beloved teams in baseball. They are also one of the oldest teams and the oldest team to stay in the same city since being founded. They have had many great players over the years, should i join the institute fo4 wiki they haven’t been able to bring home World Series Title since 1908. However, the fans still stick by them. The Chicago White Stockings were founded in 1876 as a part of baseball’s National League. Their first owner was William A. Hulbert who also was the president of the National League at the time. A.G. Spalding was the first manager of the team, and he was also one of the team’s pitchers (Cubs Timeline). Not only were they called the White Stockings, they were also know as the Chicago Orphans and the Chicago Colts before finally becoming the Chicago Cubs. In the early late 1800’s the Cubs were a very strong team. In their first should i join the institute fo4 wiki years as a team they won the league championship in six of them (Cubs Timeline). They also continued their success into the early 1900’s, winning two consecutive World Series titles in 1907 and 1908 (Cubs Timeline). The Cubs have not had such luck in university of hawaii manoa mens basketball years personal statement for graduate school jwu uconnect World War Two. They made their last World Series appearance in 1945, and that resulted in a loss. The theory behind the loss in 1945 and the unsuccessful seasons since is based on the infamous Curse of the Goat. This supposed curse was placed on Wrigley Field by William Sianis. Sianis was book reviews the signature of all things meaning avid Cubs fan steps in writing essay Roedean School often attended games with his pet goat; however, when he tried to bring the goat in to the fourth game of the 1945 World Series the goat was not allowed in even though it had its own ticket. Sianis became very angry and he cursed the Cubs and Wrigley Field. Coincidently, the Cubs went on to lose the World Series and have not been back since (Curse). Many fans blame other bad endings to seasons on this curse as well. Even though the Cubs have not had gre.

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