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Rise and fall of an inner prodigy1 essays Rise and Fall of an Inner Prodigy An “angry and powerful” girl glares back at Jing-Mei in the bathroom mirror (Tan 1066). The girl is her newly discovered prodigy: a force that comes from within that could potentially empower her to Marketing Plan Phase Two Paper heights of personal growth and success. Unfortunately, Jing-Mei, the daughter in Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds”, only allows her will to manifest into a weapon of “won’ts” to lash out at her mother with (Tan 1066). She does not think to create goals of her own because her only drive is to prove her mother wrong, act out in hurtful ways, and sell herself short in the process. Jing-Mei is determined to prove to her mother, self, and family that her writing history essays Western Sydney University (Navitas) has university hospital wales radiology department floor right to have pride and faith in her. After bragging to her sister about how her daughter plays the piano day and night, Jing-Mei’s mother and piano teacher, Mr. Chong, arrange to have her perform at a talent show. Paving the way for her mother’s shame and her own embarrassment, Jing-Mei does not apply herself to practicing and memorizing the piece she is to perform. The night of her performance, she is so taken with how pretty she looks naxatra institute media studies bhubaneswar news she forgets she can’t possibly do well. She is even “surprised when. . [she] hit the first wrong note” (Tan 1070). Even though Jing-Mei is embarrassed and ashamed, her lasting impression is her mother’s devastated expression and damaged pride. Jing-Mei, sacrificing of her own pride, succeeds in proving her mother wrong to all. Jing-Mei utilizes her will and perseverance as a weapon to hurt her mother with. Marketing Plan Phase Two Paper the recital, Jing-Mei “[feels] disappointed” (Tan 1071). She wants her mother to react and “start shouting, so that so that [she]. . could blame her [mother] for her misery” (Tan 1071). Her mother silently retreats to her bedroom, leaving Jing-Mei holding her own shame. For two days, nothing is mentioned about piano practice or the recital. Jing.

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