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Essay on confederacy of dunces essays ESSAY 1 Sigmond Freud developed a theory that john unsworth northumbria university believed best represented the development of ones personality. Courseworks 6 0 x 6 8 vegetables can use his theory to explain certain habits that a person develops. A person may or may not realize that they iowa university tuition 2018 this character trait but according to Freud they develop these traits from experiences early in life. There are four out of the five stage theories, which can be applied to the character of Ignatius. These are the oral, anal, latent and phallic. The first stage, oral, begins from birth to about age two. A child always putting things in their mouth to try and figure out the environment around them characterizes this stage. According to Freud if a person becomes fixated in this stage they show characteristics of it. There are two degrees in this stage one is the oral incorprative and the other is the oral rejective. Oral incorprative represents a person that takes on too much and with the oral rejective side a person rejects or spits out things in their environment. This stage can also represent behaviors such as a clingy dependent person, an over examples of language devices under eater, someone who corporate finance assignment help advanced talkative, or a verbally abusive individual. Also habits can be formed such as cigarette smoking, thumb sucking, or nail biting. All of these habits are formed from a person’s reaction to this stage in life. I think Ignatius represents a clear attachment to this early oral stage through help cant do my essay macroeconomic case studies of his actions. He is constantly talking and b! eing abusive to his mother who he has an extreme attachment to and he is also an over eater. The next stage of development is the anal stage and it occurs between the ages of two and four. This stage comes about because of ones reaction to toilet training. Freud thought that this event in life could be traumatic and create two different extremes in personality. First is an anal expulsive personality, which is marked by a messy, stubborn and often-tardy person. The extreme of that s.

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