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Thursday, November 02, 2017 12:02:54 PM

An independent woman essays An Independent Woman Through the conflicts in her marriage Nora describes the struggle women faced in the late 1880’s. Since the 1800’s women have come a long way in gaining respect as an equal in today’s society. Refined buy essay online cheap the war of the worlds their homes women were looked upon as nothing more than a pet or servant. Their duties were bound to the children and the welfare of the home. In the first scene of act one where Nora is coming home, we find Torvald referring to Nora as a lark then a little squirrel. Women today would find these comments rather degrading, but Nora still enslaved by this “less than” mentality sees little harm in the gestures. “ Yes, whatever you say Torvald.”(Isben, p. 1327) This shows her submission to him in spite of the way she was treated. This is a perfect example of how most women thought during The Issue of Death Penalty as an Effective Safeguard Against Crime time. Nora could not even eat a piece of candy or leave the house without Torvald expressing some humiliating remark of her intelligence. This would initiate the on going cycle of problems through out their marriage. Nora’s first act of independence comes when she decides to borrow the money from Mr. Krogstad to pay Logical and Factual Errors expenses for her ill husband. This ignites something inside her that would change her life. Her newfound courage helped her to realize that she could make decisions on her own. Women’s rights also took a similar path in realizing and believing that their vote did count and that they could make a difference in their communities. They went through many different obstacles to prove their citizenship and equality. These things could not be done without women of Nora’s stature. “I’m not afraid of you any longer”(Isben, p.1340) This is a quote from Act one where Nora tells Krogstad that she will not be afraid if he told someone about the loan he gave her. Here is another unemployment research papers where courage plays a major role in becoming my religious beliefs essay. Nora stands up to Krogstad when he tr.

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