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Religion and equality essays concerns, he said that “colour is good, Lord God, You are colour-blind, I believe that you don’t care whether a person is black or white, or any other colour so we shouldn’t care either”. So most Christians would argue that all people are equal no matter what race, this attitude is supported by statements from church leaders, an example would be when George Carey (Archbishop of Canterbury) “Racism has o part in the gospel, it contradicts our Lord’s command to love our neighbours as ourselves”. Other people for instance the White-dominated DRC (Dutch reformed church) may have opposing views to this which would annotated bibliography university of phoenix history “People are important, their eyes are important, their names are important, their race is important, and their colour is important”. In South Africa were racism is still clearly present the annotated bibliography university of phoenix history DRC argue that God had deliberately divided the people of the world into different races and white people were made to be superior to black people. The DRC said that the passage “So there is no difference between J.

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