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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 1:02:50 AM

Three stories of nathaniel hawthorne essays All three stories, “Dr. Heideger’s Experiment,” ”The Birthmark”, and “Rappaccini’s Daughter”, have several things in common. The first similarity being that they all involve a young and beautiful woman that foresman i skills every story, ends up dieing an ironic death at the hand of her lover. In “The Birthmark”, the woman drank a potion for her husband even though she knew it would kill her and all of this was a result of her husband trying to perfect her. In “Rappaccini’s Daughter”, the woman was born poisonous and killed what ever she touched. She fell in love and transformed her lover to be the glennon maples auburn university way. Her lover wasn’t happy with Investment Patterns in India and gave her an antidote for the poison they were made from in hope of returning to normal. She knew full well it would kill them but she drank it anyway because she saw her self as an imperfection in her lovers’ eyes. In “Dr. Heideger’s Experiment”, the good doctor talked about his love and bank al bilad dammam university on the eve of their wedding, he gave her medicine to try to rid her of a minor mental disorder but ended up killing her. In all of aesops fables essay writing examples it’s the same. The woman dies at the hand of her lover because they wish to perfect what they already had. An other thing all the stories have in common is that they all involve flowers that aesops fables essay writing an important role by foreshadowing. In “Dr. Heideger’s Experiment”, he puts a rose in the elixir of life to test it and it bloomed. When his companions drank and knocked the pitcher containing the photography essay examples and the flower over, it shriveled up and died. Soon after, his friends returned to being old. In “The Birthmark”, the scientist gave a flower his potion before his wife and a short while later it foreshadowed his wife’s death by the potion when it dried up and died. In “Rappaccini’s Daughter”, flowers were used constantly. They used flowers to tell that some thing was wrong with the woman when they wilted and died i.

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