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Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:19:51 AM

Sixteen is too young essays Sixteen Is Too Young In the state of Virginia, you can start driving with your learner’s permit at 15. A learner’s permit requires that an adult 21 or older, or your immediate family 18 or older must be sitting in the passenger seat. Once you have had your learner’s permit for 6 months and have turned 16, you can receive your driver’s license that allows you to drive pandoras box essay writing supervision (VA DMV). I know the first time I drove alone at 16 I did not feel ready. I learned all I could from the books, but there is so much more to driving that what they teach you in the classroom. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading causes of death writing a good essay Leman Manhattan Preparatory School American teenagers. Sixty-five percent writing a three paragraph essay West Buckland School those deaths occur when another teen is operating the vehicle (NHTSA). This is a flashing red light that the legal driving age should be raised. Some say that if the legal driving age was raised it would be an inconvenience to both the teen and the parent. The teen can not get an after school job because he/she has no transportation, and even if the parents are willing to chauffeur their teens around, they can not do it until they get home from work. I will admit that it is an inconvenience; however, each to their own inconvenience today means that your child will be living tomorrow. Sixteen and seventeen year old drivers make up about two percent of the total driving population, but they are involved in one out of every seven crashes (Cohen). There are approximately 5,000 teen deaths per year related to unsafe driving (Wims). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that “A sixteen year old driver is 42 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than a 17 year old with just one additional year of driving experience” (Wims). This is alarming considering that nearly half of all 16 year olds have a driver’s license. Most 16 year olds just are not experienced enough to operate a vehicle yet. On top of not enough experience. .

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