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Monday, October 30, 2017 8:48:04 AM

Is addiction a disease or choice essays national multiple sclerosis society essays The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is an organization that was set up to help with many aspects pertaining to Multiple Sclerosis. The NMSS does many things to assist people who have or know others who have the disease. The Society helps to give people information about the disease, how to live a normal life while dealing with MS, and how to get help buy essay online cheap research on iphone, financially, and emotionally. The MS Society helps out in every way possible, providing education about the disease, support for the people with the disease, and special equipment and transportation, among many other things. They also set up many events to raise money to help find a cure for the devastating disease. MS is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. When a person has Multiple Sclerosis, myelin, which is what surrounds nerve fibers and is necessary for nerves to send signals, is destroyed. Cells and buy essay online cheap research on iphone that are supposed to protect the body against infections leave the blood vessels and transfer into the brain and spinal cord, destroying myelin. Because the body loses its ability to send out signals, some symptoms that occur are vision loss, paralysis, numbness, and walking difficulties. MS is an “autoimmune disease,” which means that the immune system attacks normal body tissue. In the case of MS, the cells that make myelin are destroyed. Although the cause of MS is not known there are many theories, some of them very possible. An Analysis of the Functional Gene Transfer From Intracellular Bacteria theory is that a viral infection along with an inherited genetic susceptibility causes the disease. The MS Society’s main focus, emory university help!!? course, is the group of people who are inflicted with MS. When the people are trying to get on with their lives after their diagnosis, it is difficult to figure out what they are going to do now that their lives are changed. They cannot do the same things anymore. The NMSS gives people a lot of help and is addiction a disease or choice essays while trying to help find a cure. Along with t.

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