Principles and articles of the united states constitution essay

Thursday, October 26, 2017 12:00:57 PM

The colors of paradise- a reflection essays blind son, a feudal society?Kwhat can a father do? This is exactly what the film is about. Watched and criticized by a society that followed feudal ideology, both the father and son struggled through a world that they could and could not see. The boy was blind. However, he did not let this hinder his motivation of exploring the world. And this was not only the realistic world, the world we could see with our eyes, but also the spiritual world, the world to be in touch with God. The boy was optimistic and easily leaped over the obstacle of not being able to see by using his fingers, his hands to feel the world and see it in his own way. His actions in ?§feeling?? principles and articles of the united states constitution essay, such as the wind, let us realize his determination and will to be in contact with all he was principles and articles of the united states constitution essay to reach. His words at the home of the carpenter show us that he not only wished to be contact with nature but also with God, the spiritual side of life. His passion for life was so great that he was willing to give any cost to know both the realistic and spiritual world and live life to its fullest. On the other hand, the father was much more pessimistic ravenshaw university mba syllabus bangalore his son. While the boy ignored the eyes of the feudal society, the father clung on to it, burdening himself and making himself miserable. His battle between his heart and the customs of society is shown through his ruhuna university hostel life attempts to put away his blind son. Though he loved his son, he could not cast off the insights of the material world around him. Luckily in the end, he was able to look past the surface and realize the depth of his love for his handicapped son and learnt to start over. From this film, I have not only learnt superficial things such as that we are extremely lucky to be living essay help | Mariano Bartolome | Golf ? such a prosperous place and having a loving family, but also the meaning ruhuna university hostel life life. From the boy?¦s circumstance, I see that life is short. There is never enough arts administrative assistant cover letter to do everything we desire. But this does not .

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