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In what way did violence and intimidation contribute to the essays The Italian public had always loved a leader taking action and uses violence, previously before Mussolini and fascism, a man called D’annunzio had tried to clam a city Need help do my essay Technology Embedded System Chips Fiumie with a seize, even though he didn’t gain much from this what could only be seen as a side show; Mussolini saw from these events that the government was inefficient to act on such a prank like this and the public was very impressed by the action. Mussolini took note of these things and copied marching songs, uniforms, straight-armed salutes and the idea of marching on Rome. So violence had contributed to success long before fascist used it. In extracts from Balbo’s diary he describes a lot of violence that went on in the early 1922. The fascists burnt down the socialist’s buildings to ‘strike terror into the heart or their enemies’. He also tells us how this means of violence and intimidated the police into compare and contrast essay example pdf the fascists escape with a ‘whole fleet of lorries’ this shows that violence put the fascists in control and forced officials to corporate with them. An anti-fascist wrote about how the fascists used stomach pumps, doses of castor oil as laxatives, hot irons on chest and forcing the socialist leaders to eat live toads: were all means of torture used to stop the socialist leaders form carrying out co writer for ipad socialist movement. An ‘estimated 2000’ socialists were killed by the fascists between 1920-22: the socialist council were so disrupted by the attacks that they had to be replace it is our choices harry perfects to re-establish order. Another main thing the Fascists did to make the socialists look bad to the Italian public eye and officials: was to go to socialists meetings out of their uniform so they were recognised and top creative writing editor services for school fights a riots, then the uniformed fascists would come in and break up the fights and save the day. This made african americans and mental health help essay socialists look top creative writing editor services for school and disorganised. All the violence against the socialist leader helped fascism becau.

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