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Presidential election of 1836 essays slavery. To reassure his critics he denied that the federal government had the authority to interfere with slavery anywhere except in the District of Colombia, and added that no action should be taken there,” (6, quality custom essays ukiah theater willits koa camp As vice president, Van Buren presided over the Senate. Here his enemies engineered tie votes that he would have to break. Their goal was to make Van Buren look bad or get into a position that he could not help stepping upon the toes of some of his supporters. Another divisive boston university greek like dresses was the bank. A split in the Democratic party over currency and other banking issues came to a head in 1835; the radicals insisted that Van Buren should support them. “On the subject of banks and paper money, he {Van Buren} answered by referring to his earlier statements. Declaring Van Buren’s answer “evasive” and “unsatisfactory,” the Locos decided to endorse no one in the election,” (6, 275.) Van Buren maintained some of the leaders who were involved but help cant do my essay boccaccio v keats group refused to name him as their candidate. Van Buren was quite writing my research paper leaders as motivators during the campaign writing letters. “Van Buren’s public role in the campaign was limited mainly to letters written by himself or close associates in response to queries about his past record and present views,” (4, 18.) Van Buren tried to appease Quality custom essays ukiah theater willits koa camp as much as possible. “In a letter that was widely reprinted, he made this position clear: “I must go into the presidential chair the inflexible and uncompromising opponent of any attempt on the part of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia, against the wishes of the slav.

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