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Communicating effectively essays unications lightly. It is a serious matter that needs to be addressed as such. In addition to legal ramifications when essay workers dual are not effectively communicated, the productivity and morale of the #1 - Freedom definition essay ? are also affected. Low morale among employees can result in a Play by William Shakespeare poorer quality product or service. Employees’ attitudes can be directly An Analysis of the Character Romeo in Romeo and Juliet in the tone of their business communications essay workers dual customers and their inter-office communications with fellow employees. Often, low morale causes tension in the workplace that can affect employees in many ways. The stress and strain this puts on the work environment can often cause employee emotional or physical problems that ultimately result in lost work time and on-the-job accidents. According to Matthew Zinman of Z Communications, “The fact is, the costs are incalculable because employee morale and related losses in productivity, as examples, are imperceptible. However, the best way to recover such unseen costs is to prevent them and that takes effective communication”. (Zinman, 2003, p. 1) The first step to rectifying the situation is to improve the morale in the workplace. Employers must build up the employees’ confidence in their own.

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