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Friday, October 27, 2017 6:07:41 AM

Life saving experience essays An experience never to be forgotten. Everyday, we do hundreds of things in our daily lives that stay in our minds. Some things will remain in our memory for a short period of time, in comparison to other things that will stay how to write in business us for ever. Ten years ago I had a near death experience as I almost drowned. This experience has been in memory and it will most likely stay with me for ever. I have three reasons why this will stay in my mind cheap write my essay tartuffe and hypocrisy. First, no matter how much I struggled to survive my efforts to An Evaluation of a Group Intervention for Teenage Mothers and their Families Essay were worthless and I was drowning. Second, is the heroic act of my dad coming to my aid and saving my life. Finally, coming back to life is something I will never forget. No matter how much I struggled to survive my efforts were worthless and I was drowning. While my father and friends were fishing, my friend and I decided to explore the calm waters of a lake in Austin. the water was nice and calm and I was getting deeper and deeper into the water. As I was having fun in the water a sudden fear took over me when I realized I could no longer touch the bottom. As my friend looked at me in panic knowing that I did not know how to swim he attempted to help me but instead he was pushed down under me by the desperation to come up above the water. My strength became less and less by the second and I started seeing my whole life through my eyes as I would go deeper in the water. My dad acted economics major resume a true hero that day because eventhough he was very far from where I was, he managed to take me out of the water. As I struggled to stay above the surface of the water I started to get very weak and my body started to let go and not attempt to float. Slowly I started going under water and little by little I started losing conscience of what was really happening to me. I remember being pulled out of the water without any strenght to walk. It was as if I was dead because at that point I did not know what was going on around me .

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