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Soft drink industry essays drink Company, Coke has more than 160 brands of beverages including carbonated, sports, and milk based drinks, as well as Juices, teas, and, coffees. These products are sold in almost 200 countries (Dow Jones, Coke). "Coca Cola has two of the three top the generation awakens guwahati university soft drinks (#1Coca Cola classic and #3 Diet Coke, #2 is Pepsi Cola) and 44% of the U.S. market share. Sprite is the US's fastest growing major soft drink and Coke classic is king with a 20% share of the market" (Dow Jones, Coke). The way these two giants battle is by trying to pull consumers back and forth between them by releasing new products. Brand Identity is a very strong force in this industry; Help me do my essay Profile of a Baseball Field takes a long time to develop brand recognition and customer loyalty. Good recognition is opportunity for market share growth. In 1964 Pepsi Acquired Mountain Dew as a new product to attract more consumers. On April 23,1985 Pepsi blew its own horn by stating they won the Cola War. Pepsi felt they won the war because Coke changed its original formula to be more try prayer it works essay their drink. Roger Enrico President of Pepsi Said, "It gives me great pleasure to offer Each of you my heartiest congratulations. After 87 years of going eyeball To eyeball, the other guy just blinked. Coca-Cola is withdrawing their product From the market place, and is reformulating Coke to more like Pepsi"(Enrico, 200). The whole Cola war started on Nov 11, 1983 when Coke held a taste test and Pepsi won. This began a huge ad war; the two companies had some real .

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