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Women of egypt/ king tutankhamen essays Women during Ancient Egypt surprisingly A Case Study on the Luxury Car Cadillac a large amount of power. During this time period, women were able to own case study house #22 los angeles nightclubs, regularly attend social events with their husbands, and basically had their own buy essay online cheap bibliography of geoffrey chaucer. Most Egyptian women were known as the ?°Mistress of the House?± which meant that they were in charge of running the household, management of servants and inventory, if they lived in well-to-do conditions. Their everyday activities would include preparing food, raising the children, cleaning, grinding grain, and weaving linen for clothing and bedding. Poorer women were obligated to work with their husbands in the fields by cutting grain or picking up kernels dropped top definition essay writing service au the floor. Women were also allowed to work outside their homes. They were able to go to the marketplace and sell produce or handicrafts such as linen. Also women were able to make business transactions instead of their husbands. Many documents from the workmen??s village, Deir el Medina on the west bank at Thebes, show that women were corresponding with both men and buy essay online cheap bibliography of geoffrey chaucer regarding the sale of property, as well as non-payment of goods and services. This shows that men were able to rely on their wives to do the work for them in case they were absent. Very few of the Egyptian women had jobs working as domestic servants, nurses and nannies for the children, and hairdressers for the rich people or even the queen of Egypt. In order to carry out important duties, some women had to learn how to read and write during the Middle Kingdom. Although most Egyptians were illiterate, there were a few women called seshets that were educated. Some seshets were also known as cosmeticians. Nonetheless, seshets were scribes that worked in temples but there is also a possibility that literacy was not needed. Even if a woman knew how to read and write there would have been no job opportunities since men were priorities. After the death of King Tutankhamen, his wife, Ank.

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