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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 2:22:05 AM

Social struggles of the man in the case essays ut Wasserstein's work it becomes apparent that Byelinkov’s struggle for true happiness conflicts in his own mind with the image he must uphold in society. While struggling to uphold his respectable image, Byelinkov’s self-doubt is evident throughout this brilliant work by Wasserstein. The desire to improve one’s socioeconomic class has long been a driving force for many working individuals. The Man in a Case is obviously a struggle for social improvement as well as an improvment in lifestyle, deserved or otherwise. Throughout this play, it becomes personal statement for graduate school chemistry that Byelinkov and his soon to be wife, Varinka, desperately desire to move up on societies social ladder. They feel as though they " ‘ deserve the life everyone else has. We (they) deserve not to be different’"(Wasserstein, 1275). In order to full his place in society (the place he believes is his right) Byelinkov must marry. Marriage alone is not the solution to Byelinkov's dilemma, he veerpura estate aligarh institute he must marry a well-manne.

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