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Madness of hamlet essays The madness of Hamlet has always been a topic of controversy when discussing William Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet. In this play, the tragic hero contemplates his own concepts of moral judgment and, in the process, may be considered mad. Hamlet both feigns madness and actually has some characteristics of a madman. His madness is defined by his inability to decide between right and wrong and to make appropriate decisions based on standards of society. Hamlet's mere circumstances at the opening of the play are a major contributing factor to his madness. His father, King Hamlet, has just been murdered; his mother, Gertrude, has married his uncle Claudius only a month after her late husband died, stripping Hamlet from his natural right to the throne. The loss of his father, as well as his uncle's new role as King of Denmark and father to Hamlet, contribute to Hamlet's disturbed mental state. The play illuminates this trapped position Hamlet experiences, both in circumstances and in his own mental state. The first sign the audience receives that Hamlet may be mad is after his encounter with Ophelia. Ophelia is Hamlet's secret love and her father has forbidden her to see Hamlet any more. She must discontinue her relationship with Hamlet, but she can give Hamlet no reason for her rejecting him. She has returned his letters and presents, "My lord, I have remembrances of yours/ That I have longed long to redeliver./ I pray you now receive them" (129). Hamlet receives no explanation for kara bazar kanpur university love's actions. He confronts Ophelia, yet it frightens her and makes Polonius think Hamlet is mad. Hamlet could either be extremely upset or insane, but Polonius attributes his actions to madness: "[Ophelia's rejection] hath made him buy research papers online cheap water station 21 stages of purification I feared he did but trifle/ And meant to wrack [Ophelia]" (81). Hamlet's state of mind is obviously in question when one considers his soliloquy. Hamlet was contemplating his own death: To.

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