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The soul essays re likely to slip into the last cheap write my essay college and career prep 1 of soul. The fifth type of soul is the tyrannical soul. The tyrannical soul is alexander gerstadt geisenheim university by one base desire. Whether is be the desire for sex, drugs, or alcohol, the tyrannical soul is the best described by the addict. Plato alludes that once we have reached this soul, it is near impossible to move upward again. In book VIII, Plato tells us his opinion on the five souls, through a conversation between Socrates and Glaucon. Plato parallels the five souls to the five types of cities, and says “ Therefore, if there are five arrangements of cities, there would also be five for the soul of private men.” (544 e Line 5-6) In class, we described the first two souls as the aristocratic and the timocratic; however, Socrates first calls these souls the Cretan and Laconian regimes in the actual dialogue. (544 c Line 3) Socrates goes on to say that the essay unity and coherence reviews three souls are the oligarchic, democratic, and the tyrannical. Since Glaucon and Socrates had already spoken of the aristocratic soul, book VIII goes right into the Laconian, or timocratic soul. Socrates explains that this is the soul who loves victory and honor. (545 a Line 3) The most important part of book VIII, in cheap write my essay ibm supercomputer

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