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Corporate greed and irresponsibility in america essays irresponsibility is unique, in that transgressions of law cannot be punishable through imprisonment, since a company is an entity of its self. To combat this, the Center for Corporate Responsibility suggests sanctions such as a requirement for companies to publicly apologize euro touring leipzig university their actions6. In taking this step, not only is the public made aware of transgressions, thereby conceivably harming business, but also, such a step forces the company and those involved to take responsibility for sample compare and contrast essay poems actions. Another suggestion for additional sanctions includes a forced probationary period in which a company works through a board of public directors who assist the company in establishing corporate policy that changes the culture of the corporation, encourages whistle-blowing within the company, and suggests changes to improve the overall structure of the company7. By enforcing such a measure, corporations are forced to take stock of their corporation as a whole, and are forced to make women empowerment essays eating your own placenta that alter the atmosphere of the company in such a way as to discourage such greed or irresponsible behavior in the future. In some cases, where corporate irresponsibility leads to severe injury or death, a virtual “death penalty” is another deterrent. For companies whose How long should college application essays be? and irresponsible behaviors lead to high monetary loss for consumers or even the loss of life, this “death penalty” could force a revocation of the company’s business license or charter, forcing the company out of business8. Clearly, such a move should be reserved for those companies whose actions cause severe suffering for consumers, but such an action would certainly deter future companies from similar actions. To specifically combat corporate greed at an executive level, some point to the use of equity fines9. Equity fines are a forced stock issuances at market value to the amount similar to a fine that would normally Does homework cause stress you imposed. Such an equity fine h.

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