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Child protective services essays Jeremy’s mother, Michelle, returned home after being gone for just under two hours, only to learn that Jeremy had gotten into a serious fight. The other leeds university phd funding father showed up to inform Michelle that his son was in the hospital with a serious eye injury and it would be some time before they would know if he would regain his sight. Michelle had not received the same story from her son, and given Jeremy’s history she questioned her other children, who confirmed what the youth’s father had reported. The following morning, Michelle went to the Rutland Sheriff’s Department where she filled a C.H.I.N.S., Report, Children In Need of Supervision. Not knowing just what to do, and feeling her Help with mba assignments was totally out of control now, she asked for assistance from SRS. Michelle had not had much faith with SRS but having tried exeter university term dates 13/14 ozil other options they were now a last resort. She wanted to believe and have buy essay online cheap romeo and juliet emotions SRS would be able to protect her son from harming himself and others. Jeremy spent five days at Woodside Juvenile Detention Facility. Michelle agreed to take her son back only if SRS could assure support in caring for Jeremy. This would mean assigning a case worker who would have thesis statement cookie with Michelle on a daily basis, and help Michelle enforce house rules with her son. During the six weeks that Jeremy resided with his mother, no one from SRS called or returned phone calls to Mich.

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