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Biographical data of mark twai essays Mark Twain was a pseudonym for Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri in 1835. He moved to the river town foresman i skills his family at the age of four and continued to live there until he was seventeen. There, Clemens met many interesting people, found unforgettable friends, and fell in love with the mystery of the Mississippi River. Tom Sawyer is actually a character Clemens created to represent himself does ipod classic have bluetooth a young boy. Tom Sawyer's best pal, Huckleberry Finn, is thought to be a friend of Clemens' who was the leader of the group of boys in his youth. It seems that most of his characters were based on real people that lived in his small hometown of Hannibal. Clemens had top essay ghostwriter sites us brothers, a sister, and a slave, Jenny, who had a talent regime hildebrandt seniorenzentrum brenau university vivid stories that influenced Clemens. Reflections of this pre-war southern upbringing are found in the novels, the constant historical reminders of America's unacceptable social realities. In the mid-1850s, he gain a printing career in Philadelphia, but gave it up to work as a boat pilot on the Mississippi. Life on the river influenced him greatly because it gave him an alias and material for several of his books. “Mark Twain” was brief and strong. At the time, the death of Capt. Isaiah Sellers reached him and he signed himself "Mark Twain." It had all the desired qualities. “It was an old river term. It has a richness about it. It meant safe waters." So it became Samuel Clemens's pen name, and Clemens’s second identity. Twain’s work has been known for a skillful ear for language and dialect. He began to work on Huckleberry Finn, a sequel to Tom Sawyer, it had a darker tone and focused on the slavery and the South. So, he set Huckleberry Finn aside. Even when was buried in financial debt, he continued to devote himself to writing and finished Does ipod classic have bluetooth Finn in 1883. Clemens died in 1910, but his novels continue to live in readers everywhere.

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