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First knight essays In the movie, “First Knight”, lots of heroism was displayed through out the movie. The two characters that custom phd essay proofreading sites ca be considered as the heroes are first of Sir Lancelot, and the other is of course, King Arthur. As the dictionary states, a hero is one who is noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. When there is a hero, there is also a villain, or one who the hero is fighting against. In this movie, that antagonist is Malagaint, cover letter dental hygiene man that becomes way too greedy. He was once a knight just like Sir Lancelot, part of the Knights of the Round Table. The problem was he got too selfish and wanted to rule all the lands to himself. This movie was basically Malagaint versus Arthur and Camelot. The first hero that was noticeable right away was Lancelot. He was an incredible swordsman and fighter. Through out this movie, he displayed amazing fighting skills, also intelligence. He stated that he is a man on his own, that he wants to rule himself. He has this mentality that everyone is against him, probably because of what happened to him in his childhood. When he was young, his family was murdered in a horrible fire. They were locked in a church that was burning to the ground. This one incident gives him the motivation to be such a fighter and make him as fearless as he is. Examples of the feats of heroism and courage are all through out the movie. The first is in the beginning of the movie, where the princess of formatting a fax cover letter is on her way to Camelot and is ambushed by Malagaint. She manages to run, but andromeda tonks family members trapped. It’s a three on one situation, but then comes Lancelot, and he saves the day. He takes her under his wing and then sets her free. Lancelot does display his weakness though, which is women. This woman brings about his downfall. Another act he accomplishes is when he goes through the gauntlet. Only heroes have the skill, determination, and cour.

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