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Saturday, October 28, 2017 1:51:33 PM

Optimistic essays September 11; just saying the date can make people remember everything bad that came from that day. Thousands of lives were lost, families were torn apart, and the Twin Towers were demolished. Even through all the pain and damage that our country has faced and is going through I am able to see the good through it all. Our country has experienced a sense of gratitude for everything we have. It has brought the nation closer together then ever before and has brought knew meaning to our flag and what it represents. Being an optimistic person has not only helped me through September 11th, but also through my family life. Yellingfighting, and screaming are the three things I remember vividly from my childhood. Doors were always slamming and I remember my dad saying things to my mom; and even though I didn’t know what his words meant I knew they were bad and that no one should say those things to anyone else especially a husband to his wife. The fighting lasted until I was six. My writing services company reviews zoom came into my room one night after she and my father had a fight. She was crying and said she couldn’t take the arguing and fighting anymore and she was going to leave. I gave her a hug and told her goodbye. It was almost a week later when I saw my mother again. I was sitting in a court room next to my brother. I asked him what was going on and he told me that our parents were getting divorced. Even through all the fighting, I never thought it would lead to them getting a divorce but it did. I remember how to write a summary of a research article The Village School in the court room and being glad that all the fighting was finally over, and that things could only get better. Although my brother and I spent the rest of An Analysis of the Definition of Community childhood in two different homes, it was the best childhood I could have asked for. I got to spend time with each of my parents and they would actually pay attention to me and not be caught up with yelling and fig.

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