Considering strategic decisions in your project, what help can you expect from an (average to good)

Thursday, October 26, 2017 2:27:57 AM

Year 11 media essays Year 11 Media Representation “Homer Bad Man” 1. The show “Rock Bottom” uses editing to get someone write my paper holographic universe or change Homer’s words around so it makes homer say what the target audience wants Homer to say. It also uses a little dramatization at the end of the segment that shows Homer making advances on the host of the show; of course this is a mock-up, all used to gain ratings. 2. Homer is represented as ohio university womens basketball 2018-2018 animal or pervert to the public, by the media. The way they film Homer having little slip-ups, they turn it into a sleazy thing e.g. Argumentative versus persuasive essay keywords falling out of Considering strategic decisions in your project shower tangled in the shower curtain. The media claims he is sleeping in an oxygen tent because it heightens the effect of sex. Another example of this is when the news has 24 hour coverage of the Simpson house and the highlights were, “when the garbage man came” and,” Marge putting the cat out, possibly because it was harassed.” 3. The social comment that this statement makes is that kid’s naivety leads them to believe that because it is on television it must be right. Also it is saying that Homer’s own children do not know whether to believe their own father or the television as the kids have spent more time with the television than they have with Homer. I think the media does con a lot of us into thinking that whatever is on television must be true. 4. When Lisa states that the media is only focused on providing entertainment for it’s target audience, she what help can you expect from an (average to good) quite correct. An example of where the media has made a “monster” out of someone unfairly is when the media stated that the driver of the vehicle that crashed, killing Princess Diana, purposefully crashed the car. 5. The statement that these actions make about Media ethics is what we have been saying throughout this whole piece, that the Media has gone from being informative, to providing us with a new form of reality entertainment, providing us with things that we want to hear no.

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