Cardiovascular disease in women: Implications for improving health outcome Dissertation

Monday, October 16, 2017 5:13:45 AM

Coke c2 essays Edge Vs C2 As Americans see themselves Cardiovascular disease in women: Implications for improving health outcome Dissertation more of an overweight society, they are trying to eat more healthy diets. The food industry is noticing this, ann kindfield vanderbilt university because of it, there is a chain reaction causing the food industry to make healthier menus and products. Two prime examples of this change are Coca-Cola C2 and Pepsi Edge. Both C2 and Edge have websites, each of which has its own unique design. Essentially, each site is broken up someone to write my paper you three main categories. Both sites share links to their product information, TV commercial advertisements, and their according to order 231339618 custom essay writing service slogans and promotions. The C2 site has more positive qualities than it does negative ones. The homepage of C2 is used for displaying the most significant concerns the consumer may have. The main promotion of C2 is youth. The homepage has pictures of teens performing teen-like actions, such as skateboarding in the pouring rain, swimming with a suit and tie on, and sitting in an open field while not being bothered. Not only do these pictures show youthful acts, but they also show acts of freedom. The C2 makers are targeting their product at the younger generation. This is understandable because the younger people are more interested in drinking soda than adults; therefore, the younger people are the main consumer of soda. Having a “young” theme also helps target the adult generation. Adults may feel that drinking C2 may make them feel younger. The C2 homepage also has a member’s login area; links to a sweepstakes that they are holding; audio sound bytes, which also state acts of freedom; and other little points of interest such as popularity maps and a member area. Another main aspect of the C2 homepage is the advertisements. These give the consumer an opportunity to view TV advertisements and listen to radio ads through real time media on the website. By viewing and listening to these someone write my essay for me 64, the consumer may be more easily persuaded to buy.

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