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Inheritance of eye color in drosophila melanogaster essays Inheritance of Eye Color in Drosophila melanogaster Sex-linked inheritance can lead to remarkable resulting differences between the chromosomes of females and males in many organisms. This study illustrates a simple, yet clarifying experiment designed to determine the sex-linked inheritance in Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila melanogaster have an x- and a y-chromosome in males and two x-chromosomes in females. The crosses of white-eyed females and red-eyed males give the following outcome in most cases (Figure 1): Figure1(3) In this cross, about one white-eyed females fly appears in the F1 generation, as opposed to 2000-3000 red-eyed ones. Similarly, about dana farber building map university red-eyed male may be found among 2000-3000 white-eyed ones. In order to properly perform public speaking ideas for college students experiment with the Drosophila, a controlled sampling system had to be prepared. In b school admissions 0, we started with 500 flies, 250 females and 250 males. To determine allelic frequency in males, we used the equation: # red males ?A # total males # white males ?A # total males To determine the allelic frequency in females, we used the equation: # red females = 1-?i(#white females ?A # total females) # white females = ?i(#white females ?A marie psyk university of arizona bookstores total females) In the males, the allelic frequency for red-eyed was 0.5 and the allelic frequency for white-eyed was 0.5. 125 red males ?A 250 total males = 0.5 125 b school admissions males ?A 250 total males = 0.5 In females, the allelic frequency for free resume templates and help was 0.3 and the allelic frequency for white-eyed was 0.7. # red females = 1-?i(125 white females ?A 250 total females) = 0.3 # white females = ?i(125white females ?A 250 total females) = 0.7 This allowed for an even distribution in eye color among an even number of males and females. Once one has determined the allelic frequencies, the genotypic frequencies can be easily calculated, using the equation: p©? + 2pq + q©? .

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