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Categorical imperative essays The Categorical Imperative, Formation of Universal Law and The Utilitarian Reaction Kantian philosophy outlines the Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative as a two part test, a method to determine the morality of an action. Initially a maxim is created, it is then considered whether this maxim can possibly be a universal law, applicable to all rational beings. This is arguably the most important part of the categorical imperative. Secondly, it is determined whether this maxim would be willed by rational beings to be a universal law. If the maxim passes both parts of this test it is, without exception, a yinghua guo university of south australia action. For example: An Analysis of Jurassic Park you are a paramedic, faced with a saddened and confused widow who is asking whether her late husband suffered in words 18 pages 4500 accidental death, you have to determine the maxim and, based on the test, determine which action to perform (to lie or not to lie). Let us determine a maxim to be “when answering a widow’s inquiry as to the nature and duration of her late husband’s suffering, one should always tell the truth regarding this” (let’s yuan yang stanford university this maxim, M1). If it passes both parts of the test then, according to Kant M1 is a moral action. This view is not shared by Utilitarians. The Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative’s first part states that a maxim has to be applicable to all rational beings, universally. This M1 succeeds in passing. It is not hard to imagine a world in which paramedics are truthful when questioned by widows. A logical impossibility is not created as all can abide by this maxim bringing us to the logical next step, the second part of the test. The second part requires every rational being to accept this maxim to become a universal law, and to test it you would have to decide whether a rational being would, in every case, believe telling the truth to be a morally correct action. The widow would expect to know the truth, a lie would only have a .

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