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The use of bad engineering in metropolis the invisible ray & forbidden planet essays However, this film does contain many examples of "bad engineering," such Essay money can t buy happiness kinda the same thing the city itself with lofty, suspended streets and thoroughfares that appear to be hanging in mid-air without any form of 50050 words 183 pages 50325 words, and the buildings within the city that are tilted to one side as if defying gravity. This image is highly Essay money can t buy happiness kinda the same thing of German Expressionism, most notably seen in films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu. Another example can be found in the underground city, where the workers toil for endless hours with little recognition. One scene shows a huge machine with numerous dials that resembles some kind of ancient timepiece. It seems logical to assume that if this "Metropolis" was truly intended to reflect the future that the producers would have arranged to have better scientific technicians and advisors with greater imaginations in order to come up with more believable and futuristic structures. But the best example of "bad engineering" in Metropolis has to do with the female robot designed by Rotwang, an inventor and somewhat crazed scientist. This robot, endearingly called Hel, one of Rotwang's old girlfriends, appears to be very well put together, for it is jointed with movable arms and legs and has an almost human-like expression molded into its metallic face. When Maria, the main female protagonist in the film, meets up with Rotwang, he convinces her to become his "living robot," whereby he connects her to "a myriad of machines and contraptions (with) glowing rings and lightning effects" which turns the robot into Maria, a living entity with an "evil, lusty character un.

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