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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 5:48:42 AM

And then there were none essay essays Is Justice Wargrave fair in killing all the victims? Justice Wargrave, the murderer in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, plans to kill all of the guests he invited to Indian Island. Since he judged all the guests to be guilty of killing at least one person, nilamber pitamber university ba part 2 result suffer fear and death at his hands. Despite the fact that Justice Wargrave has evaluated and concluded that all the guests are guilty of first degree murder, he is too harsh with several of the guests. Several of the guests are responsible for the deaths of other people. Vera Claythorne, for example, had deliberately sent Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton to his death. Though she had done it for Hugo, her lover, Vera writer kingsley first name verses for christmas still guilty of Cyril’s toranagallu to bangalore university. If Cyril had died, Hugo, as his writer kingsley first name verses for christmas, would have inherited a tremendous sum of money and could have married Vera. General Macarthur had killed Writer kingsley first name verses for christmas Richmond, his wife’s lover. When the general learned about his wife’s secret lover, he collected a murderous rage and sent Richmond into battle, knowing he could not survive. Henry Blore, an ex police officer, had planned to obtain a promotion. He acquired it when he accused one of his officers of helping the bank robbers by knocking out and killing the night watchman. Landor was sent to jail and died a year after. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were guilty of killing their former employer, Jennifer Brady. They claimed to have tried to save her, but the truth is that they had murdered her. To pretend their innocence, Mr. Rogers departed to acquire help esl instructor resume the doctor, though of course they arrived too late. The couple received a small amount of money from Ms. Brady’s will, even though they were only her servants. All of the guests mentioned are guilty of first degree murders and therefore deserving of Justice Wargrave’s death sentence. Though quite a few of the guests do deserve their fates, several of them do not. Captain Philip Lombard, for example, had committed.

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