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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:01:18 AM

Thomas more essays In the film, A Man For All Seasons, two characters with uniquely different Christian characters are present. The film is based around the fact that Sir Thomas More was against King Henry VIII actions in taking control of the Church in England. The king becomes very angry with Thomas More and trials him for high treason. Richard Rich played a part in the trials of Sir Thomas More. Sir Thomas More had a strong devoted Christian character, in my opinion. He is a devoted believer who stands by what he believes in, just like he did in the film A Man For All Seasons. More is not easily persuaded as a Christian, he is set in his ways and wants no part of any one else’s point of view. Thomas More had a strong Christian attitude to do what was right, which health is wealth essay free download found in his character. Alex iantaffi university of minnesota did not seem to struggle with sin in the film, he appeared to be focused on being a Christian and not being tempted by sin. The Christian character of Sir Thomas More was educated as well as focused. I think the fact that More was Harry T Moore Death educated influenced his Christian character. Thomas More was a strong, devoted believer with a real and true Christian character. Richard Rich, in my opinion, had weak Christian character. Throughout, the film he struggled with sin and was persuaded to do things that were not always right. Rich ponpes al-ashriyyah nurul iman institute a cold man with a dark personality, which was present in his character. Richard Rich played a big role in the trial of Sir Thomas More and lied to help convict More. Rich was not devoted to God, but more focused on the wants and desires of the king. His Christian character was not strong in the will of God. It was obvious in the film that Rich was not a true believer of God and that he also struggled with sin. Richard Rich had an undevoted, sinful type of Christian character. In contrasting Thomas More and Richard Rich it is easy two say that the two gentlemen had opposite Christian characters. Thomas More had the C.

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