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Greek and roman theaters essays For the ancient Greeks, the design of large interiors, mainly for use in temples and private houses, was also applied to theaters where many of the now-famous Greek tragedies were often performed in front of thousands of spectators. The Greek practice "of designing large interiors led directly to the later Roman practice and marked a sharp departure from classical Greek architecture" (Lawrence, 167) which stressed the boost mobile text message history the building almost as a work of sculpture and left the interior relatively undeveloped. The best example of a Greek theater is that at Epidaurus, and although it is late Classical rather than Hellenistic, it contains all the functioning units and formal arrangement of later theaters. This semi- circular auditorium is built into the side of a hill and the diameter of its projected circle is 387 feet. Staircase aisles, laid out on radii projecting from the center of the circular orchestra, separate cheap write my essay rear window film critique of stone benches which are then separated into two tiers by a broad corridor. The orchestra, or proscenium, is arranged for the maximum convenience of view of the performance and for the preparations of the actors. The passageway between the stage and audience on each side is wide enough to permit quick exit. This careful design symbolized the growing concern of the Greeks for the convenience of the audience, due to increasing individual views and responses. In contrast, the best example of a Roman theater is the Colosseum, sometimes called the Flavian Amphitheater. This building, as compared to the simple design of the Greek theater, is massive and is essentially two facing theaters enclosing an oval space (the arena). The Colosseum "is the largest of its type and was originally meant for the staging of lavish spectacles, such Statistics on homework effectiveness regression equation battles between animals and the gladiators" (Robertson, 78). 2 .

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