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My personal writing habits or techniques essays My personal writing habits or techniques The features that count as successful in my types of writing are self improvement, and computer assisted help through grammar, and spell check. While motivated to write letters, and top custom essays ukraine news brama russian keyboard to my family and friends, I strive to do well with every letter and email sent. This helps me have continued contact through the years. I have two types of writing I use in my personal time. I write letters and cards to friends and family Can someone do my essay An Overview of the FreeBSD Memory Management Germany. I also write emails to friends with the computer. I hesitate often though to handwrite my letters because I am worried about making too many errors. When I write my letters I often have a tendency to think and speak in German. While doing this I find myself writing improper German. I am worried about making grammatical errors in my letters and emails. Therefore I feel the message I am trying to convey may be translated incorrectly. I am more motivated to email my letters because I can use spell check to make sure the writer kingsley first name yale vs harvard is correct. While I continue to keep in touch with my friends, I can better express myself by using computer aided techniques. This helps me by letting me know when and where to place commas, and have better sentence structure. By doing this it gives me more confidence in expressing my feelings and thoughts to my friends and family. In addition I send e-cards for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Sometimes I surprise my children by writing motivational or emotional short notes that I place in their lunch boxes before going off to school. The notes that I give them could be in either English or German. This helps them to better understand both languages. The English language is not my mother language so it is difficult for me to truly express myself as I could in German. By continuing my different ways of corresponding through written letters and emails in English and in German, I feel I have made many improvem.

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