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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 2:31:57 AM

Skiing essays Snow Skiing Skiing is one of the most popular sports nowadays. Even non-professionals can get into them. In this essay, I will talk about the three classification of skiing: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and freestyle skiing. Cross-country consists of horizontal travel across flat land and relatively few hills. poles play an important part in cross country skiing. The skier uses the poles to help him with the rhythm necessary to keep up a consistent pace and help to propel forward. This type of skiing is considered as the least expensive of the three types and has recently been gaining many new enthusiasts. A decent quality cross- country ski package would cost around $200. The skier need poles that are as tall as his shoulders and a ski approximately 2 feet taller than him. Some skier waxes their skis, some don’t. Waxed skis have the benefit of being Rose for emily essay However, I would recommend non-wax skis to buy essay online cheap studying technology at the university of texas new skier, due to their ease-of-use and lower maintenance requirements. The second major category is downhill skiing. You could tell the difference between Downhill skiing and cross-country skiing by where it is performed and the equipment that are being used. Downhill skiing is best suited to mountainous areas, but ski hills have been built in most states for those who live too far from the mountains. Downhill skis are designed for speed. Experienced Downhill skiers can reach velocities of 65 mph, while champion downhill ski racers reach speeds over 90 mph on the steep . They use ski poles to pick up speed at the start and for balance when they take turns. The equipment are more expensive for downhill skis than cross- country skis. For a smart buyer, a starter package would paristore paris 13 university cost at least $300. Out of the three skiing categories, downhill skiing is the most popular one. If the cross-country 439 university avenue suite 2110 bass is the cheapest one, and the downhill skiing is the most popular one, the la.

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