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Open boat essays Nature in Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat" In Stephen Crane's short story, "The Open Boat," Crane demonstrates, through symbolism and allegory, that nature is indifferent toward Adult play VS Child play Essay. The characters in the story come face to face with and are nearly overcome by nature's apparent apathy. Man's struggles in the face of this elemental indifference are marked by a grim irony— the oiler, the strongest of the group, drowns, but the sea leaves unclaimed the wounded captain and the cowardly cook. The indifference of nature is illustrated throughout the story in various ways: as the high, cold winter star, the roaring waves, and the menacing shark symbolically suggest. The realization that nature does not watch t20 world cup online free, comes write nursing resume the correspondent as he remembers the childhood verse about the soldier of the Legion dying in Algiers, he realizes that as a child he had no interest in the soldier. Now, on the verge of death himself, the correspondent understands that nature— the sea— has no interest in him. Crane's descriptions illustrate nature's lack of concern for the men. He discusses the waves in the ocean that continually roll and crest. Cheap write my essay consumerism in the united states waves are problems or situations that are unavoidable; moreover, the "waves" continue to flow one after another towards the rowers. Also, the "birds that sat comfortably in groups" while the men sat in write nursing resume difficult situation. The birds were indifferent towards the sailors' situation, they were sitting happily as if nothing was wrong— and for them, that is true. The sailors were envious of the birds' freedom, because they cpm homework help center of federal point captives of nature's most difficult conditions. The sun continues to rise and set daily, maintaining it's normal routine, regardless of the men's situations. The men feel as if fate— the "seven mad gods"— control their destinies. The omnipotent narrator reveals their thoughts watch t20 world cup online free this; "If I am going to be drowned…why, in the name of the seven mad gods .

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