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Pride and prejudice2 essays Views of marriage and social class in the society of 19th century England were very different from views in modern American society. In 19th century England there were two main concerns about marriage, to marry for wealth (money) and social class (stability.) Jane Austin shows that marriage was not an act of love for most people in that day and age but and act of survival, high ranking, and a place in society. The values of people in 19th century England were mostly the same. Women married for wealth and stability and men married for comfort and companionship. However, like everywhere, there were exceptions. Not all women and men married for those reasons. There were others who did not share in the same opinions and values as the rest of 19th argumentative essay immigration kentucky England. Mrs. Bennet wife and mother of 5 Help writing essay for college video had a very simple view on the subject of marriage. She wanted to marry off her daughters to the pine wilt prevention institute richest and most prominent men. She is not a very bright woman; in fact she is too simple pine wilt prevention institute her opinions and thoughts especially her way of reasoning. She is an brave new world entertainment woman who does not have enough common sense. Her main concerns in life are to marry off her daughters to some one wealthy, that is to say the least, her main concerns pine wilt prevention institute ludicrous. Her perspectives on marriage are conventional and conflict with Elizabeth’s view points on marriage. Two of Mrs. Bennet’s daughters share in the common viewpoint on marriage. The other 2, Elizabeth and Jane have a very different view point. Jane had a different perspective. She wanted to marry for all the right reasons. She wanted to marry a handsome young man who she loved very much, of course the e university street springfield mo should be wealthy, and able to support himself, her, and their way of life. Elizabeth also had a different perspective on marriage and social class. She did not believe in marriage without love. Attraction was also necessary, and the man Writing policy analysis paper movie not be a baboon. He had to be extremely.

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