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Grade 11 ipt term 1 2004 essays Artificial Intelligence Minor Project (AI 1) European Flags Contents TITLE PAGE 1 CONTENTS 2 DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM 3 DESCRIPTION 3 INSTRUCTIONS Dse212 essay - Cheap Paper Writing ? EVALUATION 4 STRENGTHS 4 USEFULNESS 4 WEAKNESSES 4 FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS 4 Description of System Description The topic I chose for my system is European flags. I chose sastra university student dead in arizona topic because I will try to help people know what European flags are which. In my system there will be a series of questions asked to the user to help classify different flags. Some limitations I’ve made are that I have only chosen flags for the most popular and well known countries. Instructions To use my system effectively you answer the questions asked to the best of your ability and when how to write a blog article Kent School have answered all the questions then you should reach a conclusion. That conclusion will be the name and picture of your flag. Self Evaluation Strengths I think that my expert system is fairly well done. It helps the user classify the different types of European flags. It also gives a little insight to the country by giving it a brief overview. Usefulness I believe that my system is extremely helpful to someone trying to find different flag names that are in Europe. If I were to rate my system out of ten, I would rate it 6/10. Weaknesses Some of the weak how to write a good college admissions essay Northfield Mount Hermon in my Dse212 essay - Cheap Paper Writing ? system is that there are so many European flags and I only chose a small quantity of them. This means that there are a lot of flags left out and there is a fair possibility that people want to know those certain flags. Future Enhancements Some of the future enhancements are increasing the amount of conclusions in the memory bank. This means increasing the number of flags. I would also if I had plenty of spare time do the world flags and then help other people know all the world flags. .

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