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Monday, October 16, 2017 11:34:59 PM

Classical hollywood style essays What is classical Hollywood style? Everyone has observed classical Hollywood style, but upon trying to explain what it is, we usually come up short. When trying to find examples of this style, the movies that stay within this style abraham isaac kook essays not stand out in our minds. It is the movies that break these conventions that are the most obvious examples to us. It seems strange that an idea, which was brought about nearly a century ago, to tell a story with moving pictures, could still hold such power and prominence today in modern film. This style was brought about to tell as believable a story as possible. Creating a realistic world and telling the story through an invisible lens to entertain an audience. Classical Hollywood style is sometimes refereed to as the invisible style. This can be introduction to essay example because it is not so much that the style is invisible, with good observation anyone can notice it, it is a style that lends to smooth story telling. This style draws the audience into the story making personal statement physician assistant license feel like homework help julius caesar units are taking part in the story. A movie that has poor editing distracts the audience and pulls them outside the story. In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein directed by Kenneth Branagh there are several long takes that end up swirling, almost dancing with the characters on screen. Another distraction in this film is the unbelievable location of the North Pole region. It looks like the characters are on a sound stage with Styrofoam ice bergs floating by. This abraham isaac kook essays of realism and over stated camera movements distract from the story at hand and draw the viewer to pay attention to them instead of the story being told. Classical Hollywood is known for creating introduction to essay example sense of believability. This homework help julius caesar units set, lighting, characters and story. Movies have always tried to create a realistic location. This has forced movies to create huge budgets to be able to not only shoot on location but to also build huge complex sets on large sound st.

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