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Intelligence essays Intelligence is the ability to perceive more of what you know. Every individual has a certain amount of intelligence, but that intelligence can only be introduced to a group or community. You only get smarter when people share what they think or know. In the excerpt Possible Lives: The Promise of Education in America, by Mike Rose, indicates just what intelligence means in the eyes of a classroom. It is the many young individuals of the world that come together, (no matter what ethical background they come from) as a group to share and contribute their reasoning of intelligence. Many Communities are people of many different nationalities that come buy essay online cheap global semiconductor foundry market 2015 2019 to share common interests with one another. You learn from other people as other people learn from you. It is a human chain of exchanging information. Each individual brings their own knowledge and as a group expand on its meaning. Different minds working together accomplish and perceive new ways of knowledge. Being able to communicate with one another is the most important thing when involved in a community. When different ideas and opinions are shared with one another the more knowledge and interest is gained. The only way in life anyone will learn, is from one another. No one in this world knows everything. God did not create just one person to do my human resource management thesis proposal everything to. He created each one of us to give our knowledge of what we know to the minds of other people. In the classroom of Ed Murphy and Larry Stone many diverse students, (college bound and sleepwalkers) are yet preparing for another year of creative photography class. Mike Rose visits this classroom to observe the very meaning of intelligence. He observed how students join together as a team to create different types of music, photos and cartoon comics harga sari kurma al-madina institute their liking, that deal with current events of society today. Students are scattered all across the room book reviews of world war z zeeks in certain projects. Heads are thinking and pens are w.

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