Somebody write my essay for me!!!?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:45:08 PM

A wise man once said bulletin lille 1 university wise man once said “ If you want to get to custom writing sign in boards always article writing site Saint John The Baptist Diocesan High School go through Hell” so Somebody write my essay for me!!!? find someone like you its like I had to put my soul on sale my body and my mind and my soul were imprisoned by wrong visions and false pretenses and great expectations of relatioons blocked away from any kinds of intelligent dictations held over my eyes like a dark shroud those around me numb to the screams that were oh so loud baby you raised that blindfold and redefined my vision of love teaching me to love each other like that which we receive from up above you're the queen i've seen in my dreams you're the thread in my seams the wood in my beams and everything in between supporting me to the point that i can feel free from all of these worldly insanities loving you is my hearts desire your very touch sets my soul on fire being with you sends me even higher. higher to a place I've never known but have always dreamed of. and riding on the white wings of passion i soar i soar i soar to a place where ecstacty is the language spoken by all tongues and understood by all ears. and accepted by all hearts without any doubt or fears i soar we then fall into a raging river of love and gliding down the currents of bliss it's a place i never want to leave never want to escape the love that i receive you're the strawberry in my banana split dreams you're the icing on my cake but unlike the others before, your love can never be fake because every picture i see of me is incompletewtihout you at my side i want to thank you for rescuing me from the darkness in which i used to hide some say that love is a friendship that has been caught aflame but girl, our love throws shadows on the sun it's a firestorm raging with a relentless heat and burning with a yearning that can never be overcome i love you not only for what you are but for what you inspire me to be let's walk .

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