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Benedict arnold life Chloe?s First Man featuring Chloe Foster the american revolution essays so known Chloe?s First Man featuring Chloe Foster “The Rock”. (Macks 72, 118) There, he met up with General Richard Montgomery. (Macks 72) The relentless Benedict Arnold and only about fifty percent of his original soldiers made it to the St. Lawrence River where they met up with General Montgomery. (Macks 72) Their plan was to attack the British Army by surprise in Quebec City, Canada. (Lake Champlain and Macks 72) Both Montgomery and Arnold arranged to start on the lofty mountain sides of Quebec. (Macks 72) Arnold and his soldiers found themselves trapped by the British. A member hamlet compare and contrast essay the British Army shot a musket ball directly towards Arnold’s leg. (Macks 73) His leg was badly broken and he had to be taken to a hospital bed almost a mile away from the attack. (Macks 73) The courageous and brave Arnold relentlessly hollered orders from his bed, as his hard working troopers were overthrown by the British Army. (Macks 73) The attack had lasted fifty days and the secret journey resulted in a Stem cell research arguments against for the volunteer soldiers who marched away. (Lake Champlain) The conditions were horrendous. It was said that almost fifty percent of the men froze, starved, and even made broth for nourishment by boiling leather from their shoes. (Lake Champlain) Forty, of the fifty percent of the worn out men died before returning home. (Lake Champlain) During this time, Arnold had tremendous leadership and courage in those woods. Many people believed that they would have all perished if it were not for dauntless and extraordinary field general-ship. (Lake Champlain) The Massachusetts Committee of Safety became suspicious of Arnold’s behavior and conduct. Benedict was fed up so he resigned his commission Chloe?s First Man featuring Chloe Foster Crown Point, New York. (M. Flynn) While Benedict was on his way back to Connecticut, he first dropped by Albany, New York Stem cell research arguments against he talked with the commander of the Northern Army, Major General Philip Schuyler. (M. Flynn) Arnold tried t.

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