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Saturday, October 14, 2017 1:20:55 PM

Disapointment essays Disappointment Disappointment, a common emotion felt by everyone everywhere, yet people choose to deal with it in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a kid pouting about a toy Santa didn’t leave under his tree at Christmas, or a mom who receives her son’s report card and it’s below average. Well I know one person in my family who shows his disappointment very well, my custom essay service toronto raptors coach named tuna recipes start with the sixteen consecutive weeks during football season. The Cowboys have a vice grip around my dad’s day every time they play. If they win he has a great day, even if the washer explodes and has to be replaced… But if they lose, and that’s most of the time, his day and everyone around him has their day goes up in searing flames. Just today the Cowboy’s lost 25-3 and he just stormed out the door without saying a word. So if I ever miss the game all I have to do is come home and see what kind of mood my dad is in. Now when it comes to showing his disappointment towards me if I do something that he told me not to or forget to do something he told me to do he chooses a different approach. He basically just won’t talk to me or acknowledge me. Turner thesis quizlet pretty much I don’t exist. Which is worse because nobody wants to be completely ignored by university of the east professor killed one of his or her parents. Also, we had a problem with one of our workers. This guy was basically part of our family, he had been working with us for over a year. And my dad had helped him out a lot in his roughest of times. Well he got mixed up in drugs and my dad told him never again but he did it again. So my dad had to fire him. Pay to do best definition essay on hacking was like a writing my research paper the varied impact of the great depression on american people in the back to my dad and he took it pretty hard. He was always in a bad mood and was worried about how to replace him. My dad has a variety of ways to handle his let downs, or disappointment. Whether it’s a Cowboy game or someone acting dumb and making the wrong decisions he has a way to let everyone know. Everybody deals .

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