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Great gatsby- american dream essays In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses repeated examples of color imagery to raise questions about views of the American Dream. Color imagery is employed throughout the novel, appearing in the Valley of Ashes, Gatsby’s how to write a controversial essay University of Utah, and in the how to write a controversial essay University of Utah on Daisy’s dock. Fitzgerald uses this imagery to raise questions about the excessively lavish and wasteful view that the characters of the novel have in fulfilling the American Dream. Throughout the novel, color imagery is an integral method by which mood is portrayed. The Valley of Ashes, Gatsby’s party, and the light on Daisy’s dock are all depicted by vital color imagery which furthers their significance within the novel. In the Valley of Ashes, Nick describes the valley as “grey land and the spasms of bleak dust which drift endlessly over it”(27), with the focal point of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg’s faded blue eyes and “yellow spectacles”(27). The entire description of the area involves a bleak, drab mood. It is in this setting that Myrtle Wilson lives with her husband above a nondescript auto garage. Myrtle constantly regrets her uneventful life with Wilson and looks to Tom for an exciting affair in the fast-paced world of the wealthy. Later in the novel, when Nick attends his first party at Gatsby’s house, the vivid colors detail the drunken, festive mood of Loss of innocence lord of the flies english literature essay guests at the party. As Nick approaches the party, “the lights grow brighter…and the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music”(44). Nick is overcome by the headlights of cars and the immense amount of light against the twilight sky. During the party, Nick sees girls in “twin yellow dresses” who he mentions several more times throughout the course of the party. The bright light and yellow which abound at Gatsby’s party reflect the carefree attitude of the guests and the congenial spirit of the party. As the party comes to a close with arguments, car accidents, and fighting due to dr.

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