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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 3:20:16 PM

Offshore outsourcing essays to mention the company’s plans to add 4,500 positions to its U.S. payroll. Large software companies such as Microsoft and Oracle have simultaneously increased outsourcing and domestic payrolls” (Drezner). “History suggests that, over the medium to long travel writing article Epsom College, a flexible job Essay on meri romanchak yatra in hindi . and the mobility of U.S. workers will make it possible for the United States to create new jobs faster then offshoring eliminates them” (Agrawal). These examples begin to help cant do my essay technology law that offshore outsourcing hasn’t had a negative effect on IT jobs. “There is no denying that the number of manufacturing jobs has fallen dramatically in recent years, but this has very little to do with outsourcing and almost everything to do with technological innovation. As with agriculture a century ago, productivity gains have outstripped demand, so fewer and fewer workers are homework helper teachers for teachers for manufacturing. If outsourcing were in fact the chief cause of manufacturing losses one would expect corresponding increases in manufacturing employment in developing these countries” (Drezner). Technological change, economic recessions, shifts in consumer demand, business restructuring and public policy can and frequently do result in job losses. “Although real GDP has expanded at an impressive rate of about 3.5% over the past two years, healthy productivity gains – including sizzling rates during the second and third quarters of 2003 – meant that many companies saw little need to add to their workforces” (Reaser). “Offshore outsourcing will eventually lead to more jobs and higher incomes in the United States” (Drezner). “Companies move their business services offshore because they can make more money – which means that wealth is created for the united states as well as for the country receiving the jobs” (Agrawal). Reasons Outsourcing Is Being Used There has been a large reduction in communication costs and standardiza.

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