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Beowulf vs. the hobbit essays beowulf vs. the hobbit The way an author depicts a hero in terms of his physical, emotional and social being can be very different, although the concept of how they define a hero is the same. In the novel, The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien veiws Paid homework help nz hero, Bilbo Baggins, quite differently need help writing my paper deceptive appearances in macbeth in the epic poem, Beowulf. Although both main characters become heros, their journey of self-discovery is quite different. To fully understand likes and differences of these two heros, a description of each character needs to be made. Bilbo Baggins is a small hobbit who in the beginning is very confused about his role in being a burgular. He accepts the job but only with some uncertainty. Bilbo is frighented at first then becomes brave when he discovers a ring that makes him invisible. This invisibility gives him his strength. His strong mind transcends his weak body. With each adventure he encounters, he develops more and more cofidence. Beowulf is a strong soldier who will defeat anyone. He is very confident in his physical abilities. He is very noble and accepts the responsibilty of killing Grendel. But he will only fight Grendel with the same weapon that the creature will use, his hands. The other soldiers disbelieve that Beowulf can fight Grendel with only his hands as weapons but in the end Beowulf proves them How to write an An Introduction to the Life of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He also defeats Grendel's mother. Both of these characters are heros with various similarities and cheap cover letter proofreading websites for school. The similarities are that they are both fantasy characters with human like qualities. Bilbo and Beowulf both work for success of their reputation. They both have enemies that they try to conquer. In both of their journeys they go on a quest for self-discovery and they are both admired in their societies. The differences are that Beowulf is a soldier and Blibo is just a washburn university mabee library hours hobbit. Beowulf is physically strong while Bilbo is very small and weak. Another difference is Beowulf is a confident man while .

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